5 benefits of flexibility exercises

benefits of flexibility exercises

                   * A cool mouth and warm feet live long *

A flexible and graceful body is already an advantage in itself. However, behind the flexibility training with stretching exercises hides many unexpected benefits. Often overlooked, this component of the training is essential to good physical condition. A simple habit to improve well-being in everyday life.

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The flexibility training allows better stretching of tissues (muscles, tendons, fascia, etc.), which improves muscle flexibility and range of movement of the joints of the body. Stretching it and releases the accumulated tension, we relaxed and increases joint mobility. Result: greater range of motion that allows us to move with more fluidity and ease. Many everyday gestures are also facilities; think of the action of picking up an object on the ground or reach an object that is placed at the bottom of a cupboard; at first glance, these movements seem simple, but they become annoying and limiting where they can not be made freely, that is to say, no pain or stiffness. As we age, our body tends to lose its flexibility. A working flexibility is therefore shown to slow the fall, keep an amplitude of functional movement and improve balance, all pledges of greater autonomy. Moreover, these benefits can prevent falls and to limit the consequences when they occur.


The flexibility training also helps counteract the muscle imbalances. Repetitive movements, incomplete training program, sedentary work, etc., asymmetric voltages are common and can quickly surface. It is therefore necessary to target and stretch the muscles that tend to be usually tense and imbalances which can be associated with some pain and injury. Evil of the century, back pain are often related to muscle imbalances, as well as a lack of mobility in the spine and pelvis. Stretching exercises can thus help to reduce the pain and bring relief by unzipping the lower back, increasing mobility between each vertebrae and pelvis, as well as decreasing muscle tension and rebalancing. Stretching exercises can also help reduce pain associated with muscle and tendon injuries, bring relief to the irritation of the sciatic nerve and slow problems related to aging of the body, such as osteoarthritis.


 A flexible work also improves posture by relaxing tense muscles that are the cause of poor posture (shoulders forward, round back, etc.). Thus, targeting the right muscles can improve its appearance, but above all prevent back pain and other pain caused by poor postural alignment.


When we are stressed or exhausted, nervous system will tend to increase the tone of certain muscles, which creates tension in the body. By performing stretching exercises, it soothes the tensions, allowing the nervous system to regain its balance and provide us a well-being. Stretching is often deeper breathing and taken up contact with the breathing and ourselves. It is more gladly listen to his bodily sensations and beneficial changes taking place in our body, thus promoting optimal relaxation. 


When carrying out stretching exercises, often working in parallel balance and coordination while improving proprioception.

So we removed several benefits of flexibility training with stretching exercises. Fold in gradually to your workout or during your breaks and see for yourself!

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