Exercises to tone the gluteus maximus

Exercises to tone the gluteus maximus

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Looking for exercises to work the gluteus maximus? Discover our selection of exercises, more targeted to the more general, to solicit the posterior part of the buttocks, firm and give her shapely.
Location and function of the gluteus maximus Now called the gluteus maximus (new anatomical nomenclature), the gluteus maximus is a quadrilateral muscle which is mostly the posterior portion of the buttocks . Very large, it covers most of the other gluteal muscles (buttocks small and medium), and worked well, gives their buttocks curved appearance. The gluteus maximus is a powerful extensor of the thigh at the hip. It also has a pelvic stabilization action and makes abduction and lateral rotation of the thigh. The most effective exercises to hire this muscle and get round and shapely buttocks incorporate a hip extension work. Targeted exercises to work the gluteus maximus The extension of the hip to the ground This is the reference year for the gluteus maximus muscle because it specifically targets the muscle. It is one of the basic exercises to tone the glutes .

Instructions: resting on the knees and forearms, bend one leg against your bust, then perform the hip extension, stretching your leg until a segment "leg-trunk-basin" straight. Blow upon expansion. Variants perform the same movement with a weight on the ankle, one attached to each leg elastic, or leg bent, heels up. To request more intensely the gluteus maximus range of motion can be reduced by focusing the work on the end of the extension.

 The statement basin floor

Extension movement of the hip, pelvis statement is a simple and effective exercise for the gluteus maximus muscle. It also seeks the hamstrings (back of thighs).

Instructions: lying on his back, arms at your sides, bend your legs until you have heels almost directly above the knees, then take off your butt until alignment of the trunk and thighs. Hold this position for a few seconds by strongly contracting your glutes and back down the pool to touch the floor and repeat the exercise. Blow at the bottom of the contraction phase.

Global exercises requesting the gluteus maximus

The front slot More complete movement, the slot offers a heavy use of the gluteus maximus but the quadriceps, the top of the thigh muscles.

Instructions: standing, legs slightly apart, make a big step forward and bend the leg to touch the ground with the knee of the back leg and push with your front leg to return to the original position. During this exercise keep your torso upright and look in front of you. Blow upon expansion. To promote the work of the gluteus maximus, think about making great strides. With no lower amplitude that movement further promotes the work of the quadriceps. Variations: add loads (weight bar, dumbbells, ...), you request a more intensely your glutes.

The squat Complete movement, the squat is a very interesting exercise to tone thighs but also the glutes. Widely practiced in bodybuilding, it may be performed without charge at first to master the postures. Instructions: standing feet apart about shoulder width apart, bend the legs by "pushing" the buttocks backward to tilt the back to the front (but mostly without rounding). Flex to have thighs parallel to the floor and then do one leg extension to regain your original position. Keep your back straight (see slightly arched) and look in front of you throughout the movement. Blow when you push with your legs. For optimum level work glutes, you can flex your legs even lower, while keeping the back straight. Variations: This exercise can be performed with various loads (weight bar, dumbbells, elastic, ...). Performed legs further apart and toes feet point outwards, you request more adductors (inner thigh muscles).

The deadlift Extremely comprehensive fitness movement that allows to apply many muscle groups of the upper and lower body, the deadlift is a highly effective exercise to strengthen the muscles of the posterior chain, and especially lower back, hamstrings and glutes .

start with a bending legs identical to that of the squat movement, grab the bar and lift there by pushing with your legs until it arrives at your knees, then straighten your chest, holding your legs . Throughout the execution of this movement, keep your back straight and look in front of you. At the breath, inhale before entering the bar and hold your breath and exhale at the end of the movement. Variations: legs apart, stretched with weights, elastic, kettlebell ... if heavy loads accentuate the work of your large muscles glutes, always careful to maintain good posture if you value your back!

  The extension of the bust on bench

 Great exercise for working the lumbar ( lower back muscles ), extending the bench bust is also interesting movement muscles glutes. It can be done on a bench at 90 °, which is usually found in the gym or on a bench at 45 °, you can equip you for a hundred euros ( as in this example ).


take rest on the foam supports your thighs (below the iliac crest -> hip bone) and under the strands with your ankles and flexed bust, make a hip extension until a segment " legs-trunk-basin "aligned. Contract your glutes and hold this position for a few seconds, then return to the starting position. Blow upon expansion. Variations: realize the movement isometric (without moving), or with fillers.

Stretching the gluteus maximus

 Following all muscular effort, it is important to stretch your glutes after performing these movements. Discover our exercises to stretch the buttocks

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