Staying fit during your pregnancy!

Staying fit during your pregnancy!

                  * Health is the vital principle of bliss *
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Dear future mother, 

Want to have some tips to keep fit during your pregnancy? This article is for you. 

Whether you come just learned the happy news or you are further along in your pregnancy, let me tell you something: CONGRATULATIONS! You will all be Supers Moms I'm sure. One of the greatest gifts you can give your child is that you are healthy

Be aware that there are a variety of physical activities that you can discover or continue to do.Whether swimming, walking, jogging, stationary cycling, aerobics, yoga, strength training, and so on! Training programs for pregnant women also exist! Please, do not deprive yourself energize your body during this wonderful 9 months. However, do not you train like you're preparing for a sports competition, when you want a big MAINTAIN good physical shape. 

The "Boot Camp" is for the post-big. Not only is it important to move in normal times, it is even more important to do during pregnancy.You've heard of the big diabetes, hypertension, pregnancy, complications during delivery, baby born with a weight on? In short, all those things that scare us. 

Know that by doing physical activities, you decrease your risk of these complications greatly! Indeed, moving during pregnancy increases our energy and well-being, enables a much more restful sleep - make your reservations immediately before baby arrives, an easier and faster recovery from childbirth, etc. You are enrolled in a fitness center? Learn about available group classes that might meet your needs of pregnant women. 

There are specialized yoga classes on pregnancy, aerobics classes, courses working cardio ... One thing is certain, you will not want to neglect your flexibility! Oh oh.Not being able to put these alone feet in stirrups at the hospital, it is not! Seriously, be flexible is extremely important to avoid the famous words back during your pregnancy. 

Suddenly, you find yourself with extra weight in the abdomen, lower back suffering is inevitable. Dorsal and lumbar although flexible will make your life easier, amen! You can even request a personal trainer to give you a customized training plan for you or take a private training package with a coach if you feel the need to be more controlled and motivated! We are here for the coaches - excluding the speaker, because I'm going to be private coach until January 2015. 

Also ask your leisure municipality organizes. My mother, for example, is not enrolled in a fitness center, but it trades on the Pilates recreational our neighborhood. For the past three years she has participated, there were pregnant women. You have the OK from your doctor? So, please, MOVE! Remember: a healthy mom equals a healthy baby.

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