Lemon diet to lose weight in a week

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Lemon diet to lose weight in a week

This sunny fruit is one of the most populaires.Nous eat it for the Prevention of rum, ingesting a good tea citron.En addition, it lowers blood pressure and is useful for kidney disease.

- Nutritionists say that lemon helps to lose weight when on a diet.
Thus, due to its high content in citric acid, lemon is good for the digestive system. 

The present acid interact with other acids and enzymes, it stimulates the secretion of gastric and digestive juices. 

Lemon skin contains citrus pectin, which envelope the intestinal wall. 

In addition, it can cut the sensation of hunger, for example drink a glass of warm water with lemon before a meal reduces hunger. Regarding the lemon juice, it's just a great concentrated in vitamin C which strengthens the immune system and aid digestion. 

- Some believe that the lemon is not suitable to lose weight fast, but we know that this fruit contains substances that break down fat.

In addition, the metabolism through high citric acid content of the lemon will accelerate and improve the secretion of gastric juice. 

The pectin in the lemon, normalizes glucose allowing the body not secrete excess insulin that would result in a storage of unwanted fat. - Water with lemon contributes to the acidified body, which in turn contributes to a better absorption of calcium. 

According to studies, a high calcium intake helps to burn fat for energy, and also prevents the accumulation of fat. Therefore, those who want to lose weight fast, you want to consume more calcium. 

However, it is recommended to focus not on pills containing calcium but low-fat dairy products that are high in protein. Thus, water with lemon for weight loss, helps improve calcium absorption and thus really promotes weight loss. 

- The renowned nutritionist Theresa Chong, who has written a book on the lemon diet claims that the One of the causes of obesity is associated with digestive problems. 

In his opinion, Traditional diets, will not improve the condition of the gastrointestinal tract, for cons if we included in our water system with lemon this will help normalize the digestive system .dropoff window Many nutritionists around the world line up to wash Theresa Chong and recommend the lemon diet and lose weight fast. 

Lemon assisting in the elimination of toxic substances and the normalization of the digestive system. 

- Use lemon diet at some advantage. You do not have to stick to a strict diet or you starve. Nutritionists who claim that water with lemon promotes weight loss advise to include in your diet lemon juice or better lemon pulp, and that would be enough to lose weight faster. 

Lemon helps to lose weight and not only will keep you in good shape, but also to cleanse the body of harmful substances. 

- If you're a fan of lemon maybe it's time to try the lemon diet? Especially those who have used the lemon diet, not constantly leave positive feedback. 

Note, however, that despite the effectiveness of the lemon diet there are a number of cons-indications. 

Thus it is not recommended for people with high acidity of the stomach. This diet is not suitable for people with sensitive teeth, to those who suffer from gastrointestinal diseases. What are the principles of this diet?

- First of all it is a system designed for two weeks, during which you will need to eat in moderation, do not abuse pulp and sugar. 

You do not need to drastically change your diet just to adapt. 

During the fourteen days, you'll need every morning to drink water with lemon. 

In a glass of water at room temperature, you will squeeze a lemon and that drink fasting morning. 

Then you can rinse your mouth with a solution of soda (a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water) to neutralize the acid.

- Each day you will need to increase the amount of juice, the second day, two glasses of water with two lemons on the third day three glasses, and so on. If you can not drink several glasses daffilés you can distribute them during the day, but always without food before eating.

On the seventh day, you need to press three lemons in three liters of water, add a little honey and drink throughout the day. Thereafter, the timer starts counting in reverse. 

In other words, from the eighth until the fourteenth day you will reduce the number of glasses of water with lemon until you get to one drink a day. The fourteenth day three lemons squeeze three liters of water with a little honey. 

- At the end of the regime try to eat in moderation, healthy and balanced food. Although this lemon diet requires a good diet, avoiding sugars, fats. Especially if you are not sure that such a system is safe for you, consult a doctor. 

Lemon Plan: advantages and disadvantages Advantages of lemon diet 

- The method of lemon diet offers a good start with a day of Detox cure. But no way to stay in bed drinking leek broth all day! It is necessary to allocate contributions in small amounts throughout the 24 hours and drink lots of lemonade. 

This day boost (not too complicated to follow and especially little frustrating: you can eat snack almonds!) Can boost the body and especially the motivation! 500g to a kilo of lost on the scale the next day (according to your body) and a less gray complexion through natural drainage made ​​the day before. 

What put you on the right track - Both experts disclose a multitude of tips to fill his caddy without making mistakes but also to cook without too much fat. 

The recipes really make you want to put it (lentil soup, breaded salmon with lemon, apple stuffed in the oven) and tips abound. For example: replace salt with lemon to reveal the flavors. 

- Each day new diet is accompanied by a new principle to be adopted. Example: "forget the so-called light products." A really good idea that achieves smooth its objectives and build a new healthier lifestyle in the long term. 

- Thanks to its high vitamin C, lemon diet entails no loss of energy and makes it possible to exercise, the better it increases the tone and vitality and urges to put on his sneakers! An entire chapter is devoted even in the book. 

The disadvantages of the lemon diet - This diet is not suitable for everyone. Those who want to find the line before the summer (less than 5 pounds) will have everything to gain but if very overweight, better consult your doctor. 

- It requires the purchase of certain foods a little hard to find: Seeds sunflower, maple syrup, fruit and especially organic lemons ...

- It needs to spend a lot of time to cook. For food fans, so this can be an advantage! 
- It can cause heartburn. 
- It is not recommended for people with kidney problems. The benefits of drinking hot water with lemon for our organization
- Clean your skin. Vitamin C also removes wrinkles and blemishes, and also removes toxins from the blood. 
All this is then seen on our skin. Besides, we can directly apply the preparation on our face because we thus help to have a better look. - Refresh your breath. It is also a good remedy for toothache and gingivitis. 
 - Do pay attention because the lemon acid can damage the enamel of your teeth. 
- Keep you in a Zen state. When your mind is taken by the stress, your body loses vitamin C. With Lemon, you can recover and return to an optimal level. 
 - Leaving aside the bad habit of coffee. Your craving caffeine decrease. You will not need to load your breakfast with this substance. 
Your early in the day will be much healthier!.

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