13 original and effective ideas for your health

13 original and effective ideas for your health

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Wash hands, pay attention to the sun, watching your diet and his lifestyle ... These are all classic and logical advice we follow all for the good of our health. Going a little further, you MensHealth.fr has listed 13 tips rather original but totally effective! 

  1. Use the toilet nearest the door. 

 After analyzing 51 public toilets, experts have found that those who were closest to the door had the lowest levels of bacteria and more toilet paper! The first toilet is less visited because they are more exposed to the full knowledge of those who pass in the hallway. When finished, be careful when flush. Indeed, fine particles of water containing bacteria can be projected. You can catch gastroenteritis or hepatitis ... 

  2. For a broken arm, make a splint with a magazine.

To make an improvised splint, place your wrist, palm down, on top of a thick magazine. Roll the U-shaped magazine and secure it with tape or with long strips of fabric. And if you please, do not forget to renew your subscription ... 

  3. Acknowledge others to take your keys! 

 According to studies, there is a clear difference between how young and older people interpret having (yet) lost his keys. A young man in general instills loss to others while a person who blames himself for losing his head. Do not use your age as an excuse and you will stay young in your head! This is an effective mental trick. 

  4. Scrape the other arm. 

When you feel like you scratch your arm but is in a cast, try to scratch the same location on the other arm (this also applies to the legs). This trick pushes your brain to think that you really scratch the spot that itches. 

  5. High fever: treat your groin!

You can deal with a slight fever by drinking regularly. But if the temperature rises, put a towel that you filled with ice under your arms or near your groin. The ice will cool your upper body. It's not very nice, but it works. Then go see a doctor. 

6. snort apples! 

If you are claustrophobic or simply uncomfortable with small spaces like the subway or elevator, drop the fruit stand. A green apple scent can relieve you. Similarly, if you sell your home, ask a basket of green apples on the table will give the impression to your potential buyers that the house is bigger! 

7. Forget antibacterial soaps! 

There is no reason to buy antibacterial soaps. In fact, these soaps can do more harm than good because the bacteria become more resistant over days. 

8. Straighten your seat. 

You ride a lot? Imagine someone slipped you an ice cube in your shirt and you feel it down along your spine. You arch your back and put your shoulders back: this is the position that you should keep for driving on the highway in order to preserve your back pain. 

9. Disinfect a honey wound. 

Spread a dab of honey on a cut before putting a bandage. In fact, honey has antibacterial properties. A recent study has shown that it is capable of destroying all the most common strains of infection. 

10. Calm pain with pepper! 

The next time you flay in the kitchen, think of black pepper. Spend your wound with soap and water. Then sprinkle with pepper. In no time, your injury will stop bleeding. It turns out that pepper is an analgesic with antiseptic properties. Pepper does not sting the skin ...!

11. Shave your mustache and Sniff less. 

If you are prone to allergies and you have a mustache, wash it twice a day. Patients who have engaged in this experiment used less antihistamines and decongestants (treatment for allergies). And yes, the pollen will stick to the hair, right under your nose ... 

12. Take a pet. 

To reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke, take a dog or cat.Petting an animal calms you and lowers your blood pressure. 

13. Flush! 

Have you ever noticed how satisfying it was to flush water, especially when it comes to removing a finely crafted turd? The next time you are stressed out, drop a pen next to your toilet paper. Once on the throne, write the names of the origin of your fears and throw the paper into the toilet. Flush with water. You'll be amazed at the satisfaction that you bring this simple gesture!

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