Slimming: 10 easy ideas for eating less

Sport and health easy ideas for eating less

Sport and health proverbs:

* Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy wealthy and wise * Franklin


Not worth gorging appetite suppressant pills to eat less, just take some good habits. Here are 10 tips for not crack!

Slimming: book wine for dessert

healthy_eatAnd yes, no secret, if you want to watch your line, it is better to limit your consumption of alcohol , particularly if you enjoy sweet wines or alcoholic cocktails. On top of that, if you drink wine during the meal you relaxed mind, which is not a bad thing, but you'll pay more attention to what you put on your plate.
To keep a clear head and not be reused three times lasagna, avoid drinking before the arrival of dessert!.

Slimming: slowly savor your meal

This is shown, the more you eat slowly, savoring every bite, and you will be satisfied quickly. Instead, when you gobble your food in minutes, the brain does not have time to perceive that you are satisfied, so you will tend to eat more than necessary. Hunger is a physiological issue it is often psychological. So dine at the table and take your time without reading or watching TV, consider the taste and flavor of each food on your plate. Gradually you will realize also that ' one can lose weight just by chewing better!.

Slimming: brush your teeth after meals

Remember when your mom forced you to brush your teeth after meals, well that was a great idea, not only for your teeth but also your line ! In fact, due to this habit, being brushing teeth sends a powerful signal to your brain: the eating time is over! Subconsciously, it will come to the idea of going for a walk in the kitchen. Moreover, the obligation to rebrosser teeth after a small snack will discourage most greedy !.

Slimming: stash your cookies

The best way not to think about cakes, chips, and other enemies of our system is to keep them out of sight! After the races, so remember to store your packets of biscuits in closets and preferably behind much less appetizing tins kind of green beans and Brussels sprouts.

 Even better, two hours before bed, close the kitchen (no padlock still if you are not alone), but consider that you can not eat anything from a certain time, and so you gradually get into the habit of not snacking at night.

Slimming: Use the smallest dishes

Again this is a very simple idea to eat a little less at each meal, so simple that one would not have thought! Use smaller plates and glasses (unless you only drink water, in this case, do not change!) And you will feel like you have larger portions of food. Finally, you will say you ate enough for tonight and you'll be less likely to helping. Elemental right?.

Slimming:'re shopping on a full stomach

To avoid ending up with bags filled with sausage, biscuits, and other fatty foods, try not to go to the supermarket when you are hungry, for example one hour before dinner. Being satisfied, you will be less likely to kick you on the already cooked meals, often high in calories, and you will find it easier to buy fresh vegetables. So eat a little something before making your cart!.

Slimming: not rid the table

No, this is not a joke! You are finally free of that chore! The reason why it is better to leave a little drag dishes on the table, at least until the end of the meal is simple: the see the remains of what you ate (chicken bones, peelings potatoes, etc push you to keep it off more. It's psychological! A study in the US showed that those that remove immediately the table after each service tend to eat 30% more food than others at every meal.

Slimming: chew carrots cooking 

sport_and_health Do not starve during the time of preparation of the meal, if not as soon as it's ready, you listen to your stomach and you'll take you over the meat and starches. Before you start cooking, cut some carrot sticks and nibble them in as. Carrots are good for your health and are very low in calories, and more after that, you will be much more reasonable on the portions!.

Slimming: not skip meals 

16h: you pass a mirror and say we took a few extra pounds. The solution: you do not eat tonight! If you do this regularly, you're wrong! The worst ideas to feel better in her clothes, is to skip meals. Not only do you lose any kilo, but in addition you will have chances to win! If you miss a dinner the next day you will déculpabilisée and you'll have even more hungry, so you eat more. Eat lighter at night, but do not skip dinner. 

Slimming: watching TV and that's it

A good movie on TV often synonymous chips, candies, and cakes. Banish this habit! Although this sounds totally innocuous and harmless, unconsciously you make a habit of snacking while watching TV. This can even go further, the mere fact of turning on the TV and relax you will feel hungry because your brain has recorded these two activities, eat and watch TV, are linked. 
A study has also shown that children swallow 167 calories more per day in the hour spent watching television.

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