Stressed? checklist of 4 essential postures to relieve pressure

STRESSED? CHECKLIST OF 4 ESSENTIAL POSTURES TO RELIEVE PRESSURE with relaxation technique and simple meditation techniques 

relaxation techniques
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*To the well man every day is a feast day.*

When you feel the stress rising, several relaxation techniques are proposed to us to let go. Between breathing techniques, meditation practices, visualization techniques and inspired postures of yoga, the choice is vast! Still need to know what suits us to be able to apply it effectively and at the right time. With experience, I have come to find a method to my image; 4 postures that soothe my mind and refocus me. The principle is simple; we focus on our breathing. Conscious and breathing fluid that allows us to see and feel the breath flowing in our body, like a stream of air that filled his rhythm in the body spaces. By focusing our consciousness on this breath, it
opens to the sensations that occur in our bodies. Thoughts are racing in our heads, but we do not judge and do not identify it. A technique that brings us to the present moment and allows us to take control of our bodies and our emotions to find balance and inner peace. This routine can be done at any time of the day but is particularly effective when it is put into practice in the afternoon. Hold each pose for a few breaths enough time to experience the relaxing effect, but if the posture is good for you, you can stay in it as long as you wish.

Feet apart a little narrower than the hips, root yourself in the ground and spread your toes so as to create space between each of them. Engage slightly thighs while avoiding having knee hyperextension. Lengthen the spine and pull your navel to the column to engage the abdominal muscles and protect your lower back. Palms forward, lower your shoulders and stretch your fingers to the ground.

A simple posture he must not overlook the benefits!

relaxation techniques

Kneeling on the floor, head to heels hips causing the belly to the thighs. Stretch your arms forward and place them along your body. Make sure you have good floor standing front to calm the agitation of the mind. If this is hard, put your head on a pillow or comfortable support.

Beyond the relaxing aspect, this posture is particularly indicated to relieve the back!
relaxation techniques

From the posture of the mountain, shift your weight on one leg and bring the opposite foot at the ankle to the calf or thigh. Avoid putting your foot against your knee to protect the joint. Bring your hands to the heart or extend your arms towards the sky, from the armpit to the fingertips. The shoulders remain relaxed.
This position will allow you to work your balance and regain mental balance.
relaxation techniques

Lying on the back, buttocks electroplate the wall and place both legs against the wall. Stretch the neck and spine. You can place a pillow under your head for comfort. Pry apart the legs and bring the toes toward the floor. At the end of the posture, turn on the front side facing you.

This posture also helps relieve lower back, stretch the back of the thighs and soothe the nervous system.


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